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Amazing World
Monday at 6:50PM

Amazing World brings you the surprising and moving stories that happen right around us.

Good Morning Show
Tuesday - Friday at 2:00PM

Share the stories of stars and our neighbors on Good Morning show.

SBS Special
Tuesday at 6:50PM

Look to the future with documentaries only SBS Special can bring you.

Popular Song
Tuesday at 6:50PM

Young superstars of music come together in this energetic hour of latest hits. Meet Korea's latest musical stars and trends.

Entertainer’s News
Wednesday at 6:50PM

Get the latest news on your favorite actors, shows and movies with Entertainers’ News.

Star King
Saturday 6:50PM

See as everyday people, and sometimes animals, showcase their talents for prize and bragging rights.

Running Man
Sunday at 5:30PM

The MCs and guests are locked in a landmark during closed hours and are required to leave before opening hours.

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